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Find the Right Steering Damper For Your Bike

MSC Moto Is Finally Here!

The Australian motocross, enduro, and adventure bike community have sworn by MSC Moto steering dampers for decades. Professional riders and weekend warriors alike consider MSC Moto dampers an essential part of their bike mechanics. Now you can take your ride to the next level.

Trusted by Professional Riders

MSC Moto steering dampers are the premier trusted brand used by race teams in off-road, and road bike scenes such as KTM Desert Racing Team, SA Kawasaki BC Performance Superbike Team, Race Centre Yamaha, and Branford Desert Racing. Check out our community here.

Steering Damper
“Sideways Suspension”

Every bike has suspension to help control up and down movements of the front wheel. Steering dampers control side-to-side motion by dampening sharp or sudden hits that may turn the front wheel, sending you in the wrong direction. That’s why we call it "sideways suspension".


Axis, RM3, and VectorMX

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shop steering dampers
shop steering dampers

Our Technology


Active RTC Intelligent Damping

Active RTC (“Return to Center”) is a fully dynamic internal adjuster, which automatically recognizes how much to dampen the return to the center circuit. This provides effective damping at high or low speeds while still allowing the rider to counter steer or turn quickly if needed. The twenty-position adjuster allows for an even finer degree of adjustment. On a high-speed straight line, riders get full damping on RTC, while on tight tree’s they get fully controlled zero RTC. It's like a damper with a brain!

Damper Adjustments “On-the-Fly”

In addition to the intelligent damping provided by Active RTC, each steering damper is also fully adjustable with 20 linear clicks that are easy to access on the fly. The dial is shaped so you can use with gloves and also adjust when using the MSC bar pad. Adjustments range from almost no damping to very firm at full adjustment. Turn the dial clockwise (+) for harder setting and anti-clockwise (-) for less damping.

Easy to Install

Watch this 2 minute video and see for yourself

New From MSC Moto
The APEX Anti-Vibration Bar Mount System

Custom designed for KTM, Husqvarna, GasGas, Beta, Sherco, and Husaberg motorcycles. The APEX bar mount system is perfect for reducing handlebar vibrations and damping out harsh impacts while riding. 

Family Owned and Operated Since 1995

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Aussies Love MSC Moto

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Imported and distributed in North & South America by Lindeco Genuine Powersports.

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